These pictures were sent to me by many, and I thank them on behalf of all who will enjoy seeing themselves on this page.  I apologize for their random order, they were scanned and placed as they came in, and I will shift them round eventually.  I have also tried to keep them fairly small files, so they open even on the slowest internet connection, but this also sacrifices some of the quality of the original print.   Enjoy.

Civil war wreath by The Blue and Grey
Hyms at the graveside
Lord & Lady Cottesloe and Charles and Carolin Fremantle
Lord Cottesloe inspects the troops
Gen Lee and Belle Boyde take a rest
Fremantle with Lawley the Times reporter
The saluting party and their ladies
Three excellent volleys from British muskets
All I need now is a pint
Gen. Fremantle and Gen Frasier
Lord and Lady Cottesloe at home
The Blue and Grey in camp
Union troops at the ceremony
Vicar of Brighton gives the benediction
Reading from the Fremantle diary
Civil war troops assembled outside the chapel
On the march
Naval Commanders Fremantle and Walker
Neville Wantling and Roger Hughes, Co organizers.