True incidents (honest), on the battlefield at the 104th Manassas:

   Amongst all the spit and gore, bullets zipping everywhere and men dying nobly, (some almost for real due to the heat - even Yankees!), an English cavalrymen galloped up, his horse foaming and sweat lathered. Asks he, "I suppose a cup of tea is out the question, Colonel?"

   General Longstreet suggested that if I desired somewhere safe to observe the battle, "in front of that fire engine would be good." A posh red fire engine was hidden behind some trees, in case of major fires.

   I decided to test the General's advice, and my fellow Prussian observers swore I had become invisible. See for yourself if it’s not true.

   One of the Prussians, noting Sundays scenario was much the same as Saturdays, observed dryly "Yos vood have thought Kolonel, zey might have learned somzing from yesterday - but zen, Ich suppose zey are Americanish."

   Will the officer who started to tell me that long joke, then got killed, please call me and finish it!

   Comment from General Ramo - “Don’t take any notice of that fellow over there dressed like a house on fire”. charming!

Sorry - they were rib splitting at the time.