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Lt.Col. Fremantle, coldsteam guards, American Civil War observer

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Particularly pertaining to his travels throughout America during the great war between the States and the vexing question of recognition of the Southern Confederation by The British Government.

Written and edited by
Roger Hughes
An Englishman who has had the honour and privilege to portray the distinguished officer in living history reenactments and lectures since 1993.

Character sketch of British Observer

A REAL FREMANTLE VISITS GETTYSBURG: Pictures of Browny the mule, Tom Fremantle and Gen James Longstreet’s great-great grandson.

Battle at Horse Landing, near Jacksonville Florida.
Hardy’s Brigade, a Florida reenacting company.
Cavalry assembled at Tunnel Hill, Georgia.
“Artillery ready Sir!”
Facing the foe.
“Just before the battle mother...”

REPORT OF THE FREMANTLE GRAVE RESTORATION CEREMONY: Exactly 100 years from the original funeral. Including pictures of the new grave and participants in a wonderful day.

THE PRESENT DAY FREMANTLE FAMILYVisit the family in England and read the lineage of Arthur Fremantle.

TRUE INCIDENTS (HONEST) AT THE 140th MANASSAS: Amusing observations at the Manassas heat-sink.

TO WEAR, OR NOT TO WEAR, THAT IS THE QUESTION: The conundrum of how to present Lt.Col Fremantle.

RECOGNITION - WHY SHOULD WE? Concerning British recognition of the Confederacy. Reprinted from Camp Chase Gazette.

Fremantle of Buster.THREE MONTHS IN THE SOUTHERN STATES : A summery of Fremantle’s epic journey through America, from April 2nd until July 16th, 1863.

HISTORY OF THE COLDSTREAM GUARDS: A brief history of the “2nd Foot.”

OBITUARY OF GENERAL, SIR ARTHUR.J.L FREMANTLE: Reprinted from THE TIMES, London, September 26th 1901.

ESCAPE FROM SHILOH: Fremantle’s experience in the mud bath of Shiloh. Reprinted from Camp Chase Gazette.

A LETTER FROM AUSTRALIA: Fremantle’s observations on the flourishing Civil War activities Down Under.

TACTICAL AT SECESSIONVILLE: Observations at the Battle of Secessionville in 1995. Reprinted from Civil War News.

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Civil War RV at a Florida re-enactment